When I started to write, I did it for one initial reason - For Me!

When my son, Rhys was diagnosed with autism, at three and a half, I had so much bottled up inside that I needed to put it somewhere. I wasn't the one who was autistic, my son was. But he was who he had always been, and he didn't need to change. I was who needed to change, to change my expectations and view of my son’s future.

Our whole family changed to include him, adapt to his world, and become a team who watched out for each other and did things together.

When I started to share my thoughts, struggles and wins with the world, I realised that I was not alone, but had the ability to bring together a community. A group of people I could help with my experience and learn from what they had found that worked.

So my second goal in my writing, was to raise awareness and gain acceptance for my son, helping others on the way to see a different view of the world.

I share stories and our life from my point of view. I write about my experiences and what I have learned and experienced. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the funny.

Every day I love to share a part of our lives and the journey of my son, Rhys. I started writing my thoughts on Facebook, and then extended to share our experience through YouTube, Instagram and launching the A&Me Website!

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An autism journey of a mum and her son Rhys


A story of a autism and the strategies by a mum who has helped her son succeed.